Water is my favourite drink ever. I’m a cheap date.

I hardly ever wear earrings. I just find them uncomfortable and I fiddle with them!

The next destination on my must-visit list is Tokyo, Japan. I can’t wait till I can finally go!

My first love was you. I’m almost certain he would have been yours, too.

I know there are cats all over this blog…but in reality, my favourite animals are of the Ape variety. Monkey World is my favourite birthday destination (like I said above..I know how to party hard!)

I go through candles like it’s nobodies business, and my favourite scents are vanilla based. Mmmm!

speaking of dating, I think I am the best date ever.  I’m never nervous, and to be honest, I just want to have a nice time with someone.  I honestly never approach a date thinking how it will effect my future, but more like “I really hope she’s nice and likes to talk and have fun.”   I’ve never had a bad date even if nothing ever progresses.  Dating is awkward enough.